Holding Classes during Weather Events

January 30, 2017


As we move into the winter months and try to plan around weather events, we write to provide some guidance regarding the conditions under which it would be appropriate to hold your classes.

In the event of a severe storm, the campus might be deemed unsafe for walking, in which case all classes must be cancelled. Under less severe conditions, including those that disrupt normal operations of the University, you will be allowed to hold classes at your discretion, but you should do so only if you feel that you can safely make the trip to campus. Individual faculty members who decide to cancel their classes should notify their students through Blackboard.

Please keep in mind that many of our colleagues who assist us in teaching courses and preparing instructional materials (for instance, graduate students, SCADs, media services staff, and other departmental staff) are generally considered to be "non-essential" employees who are encouraged not to come to campus in the event of weather conditions that disrupt normal operations of the University.

Please be sure to check the University homepage for weather updates and further guidance.

Our best wishes to you all for the spring semester.


Jill Dolan, Dean of the College
Deborah A. Prentice, Dean of the Faculty