Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC)

The CPUC has authority to:

  • consider and investigate any question of University policy, any aspect of the governing of the University, and any general issue related to the welfare of the University; and to make recommendations regarding any such matters to the appropriate decision-making bodies of the University or to the appropriate officers of the University;
  • make rules regarding the conduct of resident members of the University community, which rules shall be binding on them; but the Council may delegate authority to make rules, and, with respect to matters mainly of concern to a particular group within the University community, the authority to make rules shall normally be delegated to a body representing that group or shall be exercised in a manner otherwise acceptable to the members of that group;
  • oversee the making and the applying of rules regarding the conduct of resident members of the University community, whether such rules shall have been made by other bodies within the resident University community, or by the Council itself, or by officers of the University; such oversight shall be exercised for the purpose of insuring that such rules protect the rights of individuals and the legitimate interests of the University, and that they are clear in meaning, fair, enforceable and in conformity with the law;
  • adopt such bylaws and rules of procedure as are necessary or convenient for the exercise of its authority.

The membership of the Council includes one representative from the Professional Library Staff. The method of selecting this member is described in section III.D. The Council carries out its mandate through a number of standing committees which include council members and other members of the University Community. Members of the Professional Library Staff are often called upon to serve on these committees.