Computer Account

Access to email address and box

All University retirees may be eligible to continue to receive email sent to your University email address through services you purchase with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as AOL or Verizon. Email sent to your University mailbox through the ISP will be sent to In order to retain your email address, you must have your department manager submit a request here.

Emeritus faculty do NOT need to complete the above mentioned form. Faculty will automatically retain their University computing privileges when they are granted emeritus status. There will be no change to their existing email address upon becoming an emeritus faculty member.

Department-sponsored remote access

In certain circumstances you may also be eligible for a department-sponsored remote access account. In order to have remote access to the University email system, and to other University computing resources, several requirements must be met.

  1. You must be appointed through the Office of the Dean of the Faculty or a monthly-paid staff member appointed through the Office of Human Resources.
  2. You must have a continuing professional or business relationship to your department. For example, you will be doing work for the University and your access will be used solely for work relating to University business.
  3. Your department must agree to pay the regular monthly charge for the remote access.