Focus on Diversity in the Faculty Search Process

Princeton University is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty. The diversity of our faculty is critical for training future generations of scholars in every field who will go forward “in the nation’s service and the service of humanity.” In recruiting faculty, it is important to consider candidates who bring diverse perspectives or experiences as a part of excellence and central to the University’s mission.

There is no task more important for a department than a search for a new faculty member. Although faculty searches are time consuming, departments gladly give this time as the outcomes define the future of the department and the field. Each faculty search affects the quality of the department, as well as its diversity.

Resources are available to support the efforts of academic departments to diversify the faculty through the Target of Opportunity Program (ToO). The Dean of the Faculty is specifically interested in supporting faculty candidates who can contribute to the University’s diversity, broadly defined, including members of groups that have been historically and are presently underrepresented in the academy or in particular disciplines, such as racial and ethnic minorities and women in STEM. For more information about the Target of Opportunity Program and the process for requesting support, please contact Deputy Dean of the Faculty Toni Turano.

The Office of the Dean of the Faculty has developed a Best Practices Guide for Faculty Search Officers and Search Committees. The guide outlines the expected protocols and best practices in faculty searches, providing committees and search officers with the strategic methods to conduct efficient, effective, fair and consistent searches that will yield an excellent pool of candidates.