The Clerk of the Faculty, Harriet Flower, Andrew Fleming West Professor of Classics, is elected by vote of the faculty. It is the Clerk's duty to keep the minutes of all meetings, to give notification to the Faculty of special meetings and of important matters proposed for action at any meeting, and to perform the duties appropriate to the recording secretary of a deliberative body. The Clerk also serves as Secretary of the Committee on Committees.

Below you will find a faculty meeting schedule, the complete list of Faculty committees and their members, and a listing of recent faculty members receiving Emeritus status alongside their biographical sketches.

Please note that all faculty meetings begin at 4:30 p.m.


Clerk of the Faculty

Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Harriet I. FlowerClassicsITenured6/1/23


Committee on Classrooms and Schedule

The Committee assesses classroom and teaching facilities space and recommends improvements that better meet the pedagogical needs of the University. Members serve three-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Jill S. Dolan, Chair; Polly W. Griffin, Secretary; Dean of the Graduate School; Paul LaMarche

Sits with Committee: Oliver Avens; Amy Bristol; Elizabeth Colagiuri; Elizabeth Erickson; Jane Curry; Christa Gaffigan; Nick Robinson; Katherine Stanton; Mark Vicente

Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Aguiar, Mark A.EconomicsIITenured6/30/23
Blaakman, Michael, A.HistoryIINontenured6/30/22
Bocarsly, Andrew B.ChemistryIIITenured6/30/22
Cox, JaneLewis Center for the Arts / TheaterINontenured6/30/24
Narayanan, ArvindComputer ScienceIVTenured6/30/23
Yan, NiengMolecular BiologyIIITenured6/30/22

* Nontenured at time of election

Committee on Committees

The Committee nominates candidates for the various Faculty committees, except in those instances where another procedure is specified. Members serve four-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Christopher L. Eisgruber, Chair; Harriet I. Flower, Secretary

Sits with Committee: Gene Jarrett

 Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Armstrong, Elizabeth M.School of Public & Int'l Affairs / SociologyII               Tenured12/31/22
Bourg, Ian C.Civil & Environmental Engineering / High Meadows Environmental InstituteIVNontenured12/31/21
Gee, Sophie G.EnglishITenured6/30/22
Gomez, JessePrinceton Neuroscience InstituteIIINontenured12/31/24
Marlow, Daniel R.PhysicsIIITenured12/31/21
Nouzeilles, M. GabrielaSpanish & PortugueseITenured12/31/24 (leave S '22)
Stone, Howard A.Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringIVTenured12/31/22
Truex, RorySchool of Public & Int'l Affairs / PoliticsIINontenured12/31/23

* NT at time of election.

Committee on Conference and Faculty Appeal

If a case arises involving the dismissal or the suspension of a member of the Faculty, or any question of unfair treatment in relation to the appointment, reappointment, or academic duties or privileges of a member of the Faculty or anyone to whom an offer of a Faculty appointment has been made, the Committee on Conference and Faculty Appeal may be called upon to act as a board of review as provided for by the Minutes of the Board of Trustees on 15 June 1918, 19 April 1951, 15 June 1959, and 2 June 2014 (see Rules & Procedures sections IV.N.1 and IV.N.2). The Committee on Conference and Faculty Appeal is also available for consultation in similar cases involving other persons on academic appointments. Members serve three-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Chair: Jean E. Schwarzbauer

Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Adriaenssens, Sigrid M.Civil & Environmental EngineeringIV             Tenured6/30/23
Dolven, JeffEnglishITenured6/30/23
Lederman, Harvey S.PhilosophyINontenured6/30/22
Majumdar, AnirudhaMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringIVNontenured6/30/23
Milam, ErikaHistoryIITenured6/30/24
Muir, TomChemistryIIITenured6/30/24
Schwarzbauer, Jean E.Molecular BiologyIIITenured6/30/22
Stilz, Anna B.Politics / University Center for Human ValuesIITenured6/30/24
Tarnita, Corina E.Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyIIITenured6/30/22

* NT at time of election.

Committee on Discipline

In conjunction with its chair, the Dean of Undergraduate Students, the Committee is responsible for the administration of the stated rules and regulations governing student conduct, for assessing reported violations, and, where necessary, for assigning appropriate penalties. The Committee will adjudicate all alleged academic infractions committed by undergraduates not under the jurisdiction of the Undergraduate Honor Committee. The Committee will also adjudicate all alleged behavioral infractions committed by graduate or undergraduate students that 1) might reasonably result in separation from the University or 2) for which no clear precedent exists. Members serve two-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Kathleen Deignan, Chair; Joyce Chen Shueh, Secretary; Elizabeth Colagiuri


Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Blaakman, MichaelHistoryII               Tenured6/30/23
Bourbouhakis, Emmanuel C.Classics / Hellenic StudiesITenured6/30/22
Kincaid, ZacharyComputer ScienceIVNontenured1/15/22
Londregan, John B.School of Public & Int'l Affairs / PoliticsIITenured1/15/22
Rankin, James W.GermanINontenured6/30/22
Sugarman, Susan L.PsychologyIIITenured6/30/22


Committee on Examinations and Standing

The Committee is entrusted with the administration of all regulations which concern the program of study and the scholastic standing of undergraduate students. Committee members serve two-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Jill S. Dolan, Chair; Claire Fowler, Secretary; Rochelle Calhoun, Polly W. Griffin, Karen Richardson


Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Burdine, Rebecca D.Molecular BiologyIII            Tenured6/30/22
Jaffe, Peter R.Civil & Environmental EngineeringIVTenured6/30/23
Kleiner, Ralph E.ChemistryIIINontenured6/30/22
Mintzker, YairHistoryIITenured6/30/22
Mueller, Michael E.Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringIVTenured6/30/22
Nadal, PaulEnglish / American StudiesI/IINontenured6/30/23
Padilla Peralta, Dan-elClassicsITenured6/30/23 (leave S '22)


Committee on Public Lectures

The Committee selects the incumbents of the Spencer Trask, Stafford Little, Louis Clark Vanuxem, J. Edward Farnum Fund, and Walter E. Edge Lectureships, and arranges for public lectures by members of the Faculty or by invited guests. When two or more lectures are proposed for the same date by other agencies of the University, the Committee has authority to decide whether there is a conflict of interest and, if so, which lecture shall give way to the other.  Members serve two-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Christie Henry (Princeton University Press); Jill S. Dolan; Evangeline Kubu

Chair: Sean Wilentz

Administrator: Julia Gilbert

Sits with Committee: Dorothea von Molte (Labyrinth Books)

Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Chung, StevenEast Asian StudiesI                     Tenured6/30/22
Murphy, Coleen T.Molecular Biology / Lewis-Sigler InstituteIIITenured6/30/23
Tangpi, LudovicOperations Research & Financial EngineeringIVNontenured6/30/22
Ramaswami, AnuCivil & Environmental Engineering / High Meadows Environmental Institute / Princeton Institute for Int'l & Regional StudiesIV/IIITenured6/30/23 (Leave S'22)
Vreeland, James R.School of Public & Int'l Affairs / PoliticsIITenured6/30/23
Wilentz, SeanHistoryIITenured6/30/22


Committee on the Course of Study

The Committee on the Course of Study considers and recommends to the Faculty appropriate action on all matters connected with the educational policy of the undergraduate program. Among the matters with which it is particularly concerned are the following: 

  • Requirements for admission to the University
  • Requirements for all bachelors' degrees
  • Methods of instruction, programs of study, and regulations concerning scholastic standing.
  • The institution of new courses and the modification of existing courses in the undergraduate curriculum.
  • The promotion, monitoring, and publicizing of experiments in teaching.

Three members are elected each year for terms of three years. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Jill S. Dolan, Chair; Rebekah Peeples, Secretary; Gene Jarrett

Sits with Committee: Oliver Avens, Peter I. Bogucki, Elizabeth L. Colagiuri, Vicky Glosson, Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu, Polly W. Griffin, Sami Kahn, Katherine Stanton

Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Canaday, MargotHistoryII                Tenured6/30/23
Coman, Alin I.Psychology / School of Public & Int'l AffairsIIITenured6/30/22
Marcon, FedericoEast Asian StudiesITenured6/30/24
Nishikawa, KinohiEnglish / African American StudiesI/IINontenured6/30/23 (Leave S'22)
Ong, Nai P.PhysicsIIITenured6/30/22
Perry, SethReligionITenured6/30/24
Rowley, ClarenceMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringIVTenured6/30/23
Schoop, LeslieChemistryIIINontenured6/30/24
Tully, Christopher G.PhysicsIIITenured6/30/22

* NT at time of Election

Committee on the Library and Computing

The Committee advises the President on the operation and development of the Library, particularly in relation to educational policy, and on all matters involving University computing and related information services. The Committee works closely with the Librarian and the Vice President for Computing and Information Technology on planning and resource allocation for both educational and research purposes, and reviews policies governing the use of library and computing facilities. Members serve for three-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Deborah A. Prentice, Chair; Paul LaMarche, Secretary; Jill S. Dolan; James Dominick; Gene Jarrett; Anne E. Jarvis; Dean of the Graduate School

Faculty Member DepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Arnold, Craig B.AppointedMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringIV                     Tenured6/30/22
Baudez, BasileElectedArt & ArchaeologyINontenured6/30/24
Chudnovsky, MariaElectedMathematics / PACMIIITenured6/30/22
Conlan, Thomas D.ElectedEast Asian Studies / HistoryI/IITenured6/30/22
Datta, Sujit S.ElectedChemical & Biological EngineeringIVNontenured6/30/22
Dweck, YaacobReplacementHistory / Judaic StudiesII/ITenured6/30/22
Glisic, BrankoAppointedCivil & Environmental EngineeringIVTenured6/30/22
Kern, MartinElectedEast Asian StudiesITenured6/30/23
Niv, YaelElectedPsychology / NeuroscienceIIITenured6/30/23
Pretorius, FransElectedPhysicsIIITenured6/30/24
Rampling, Jennifer M.ElectedHistoryIITenured*6/30/22
Smith, D. VanceElectedEnglishITenured6/30/24

* NT at time of Election


Committee on Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid

The Committee advises the President, the Dean of the College, the Dean of Admission, and the Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid Office on policies and procedures governing admission and financial aid. Two members are elected each year to terms of three years. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Jill S. Dolan, Chair; Elizabeth Badger, Secretary; Karen Richardson

Sits with Committee: Rochelle Calhoun; Jim Matteo

Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Avalos, José L.Chemical & Biological Engineering / Andlinger CenterIV                Nontenured6/30/22
Kuziemko, IlyanaEconomicsIITenured6/30/22
Lee, Christina H.Spanish & PortugueseITenured6/30/24
Lew-Williams, CaseyPsychologyIIITenured6/30/24
Mikhailova, JuliaMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringIVNontenured6/30/23
Singer, AmitMathematics / Applied & Computational MathematicsIIITenured6/30/23 (Leave S'22)


Faculty Advisory Committee on Appointments and Advancements (C/3)

The Committee advises the President on the appointment of Professors, the appointment and promotion of Associate Professors, the reappointment and promotion of Assistant Professors, and the reappointment of Senior Lecturers; and on the salaries of these members of the Faculty. Members serve one-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Christopher L. Eisgruber, Chair; Gene Jarrett, Secretary

Sits with Committee: Jill S. Dolan, Dean of the Graduate School, Deborah A. Prentice


Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Canaday, MargotHistoryIITenured6/30/22
Gikandi, Simon E. (C)EnglishITenured6/30/22
Ostriker, Eve C.Astrophysical SciencesIIITenured6/30/22
Ramadge, Peter J.Electrical & Computer EngineeringIVTenured6/30/22
Scholes, Gregory D. (C)ChemistryIIITenured6/30/22
Shields, Anna M. (C)East Asian StudiesITenured6/30/22

 (C) department chair


Faculty Advisory Committee on Diversity

The Faculty Advisory Committee on Diversity (FACD) is composed of tenured faculty members representing all four academic divisions of the University. They advise the President, Provost, and Dean of the Faculty on issues and initiatives relating to diversity and inclusion, including faculty hiring, policies, curriculum, and campus climate.  

Resources are available to support the efforts of academic departments to diversify the faculty through the Target of Opportunity Program (ToO). The Dean of the Faculty is specifically interested in supporting faculty candidates who can contribute to the University’s diversity, broadly defined, including members of groups that have been historically and are presently underrepresented in the academy or in particular disciplines, such as racial and ethnic minorities and women in STEM. Department nominations are reviewed and approved by the FACD. Members serve three-year terms.

Ex Officio: Christopher L. Eisgruber, Chair; Gene Jarrett, Secretary; Deborah A. Prentice

Sits with Committee: Jill S. Dolan; Cole Crittenden

 Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Duneier, MitchellSociologyIITenured6/30/22
Dunkley, JoPhysicsIIITenured6/30/24
Lew-Williams, BethHistoryIITenured6/30/24
Meira Monteiro, PedroSpanish & PortugueseITenured6/30/23
Ponce de Leon, MonicaArchitectureITenured6/30/22
Priestley, RodneyChemical & Biological EngineeringIVTenured6/30/24
Shelton, J. NicolePsychologyIIITenured6/30/22
Stone, Howard A.Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringIVTenured6/30/23

* NT at time of election.

Faculty Advisory Committee on Policy

The Advisory Committee on Policy meets with the President at her or his request, at the request of the Faculty, or on its own motion, to afford advisory consultation on matters of University-wide policy of concern to the Faculty and not primarily within the jurisdiction of other established committees. Members serve one-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.


Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Arnold, Craig B.Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering / PRISMIV             Tenured6/30/22
Cheung, CarolineClassicsINontenured6/30/22
Chirik, Paul J.ChemistryIIITenured6/30/22
Goldthree, ReenaAfrican American StudiesIINontenured6/30/22
Kitzinger, BeatriceArt & ArchaeologyINontenured6/30/22
Rodriguez, AlejandroElectrical & Computer EngineeringIVTenured6/30/22



Faculty Committee on the Graduate School

The Committee on the Graduate School recommends to the Faculty appropriate action on all matters connected with the educational policy of the Graduate School. It is particularly concerned with the following:  

  • Requirements for admission to the Graduate School.
  • Requirements for all earned degrees beyond the bachelor's degree.
  • Methods of instruction, programs of study, and regulations concerning scholastic standing.
  • The institution of new courses and the modification of existing courses in the graduate curriculum.
  • Policies for financial support of graduate students.
  • Policies regarding graduate student life.

Members serve one-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Dean of the Graduate School, Chair; Brigid Sudnick, Secretary; Gene Jarrett; Mary Bechler; Cole Crittenden; Evangeline Kubu; Renita Miller; Lisa M. Schreyer

Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRank
Adserá, AliciaSchool of Public & Int'l AffairsIINontenured
Almeida, CaioEconomicsIINontenured
Bakos, GáspárAstrophysical SciencesIIITenured
Benhaïm, AndréFrench & ItalianITenured
Brown, MarshallArchitectureITenured
Brownlee, MarinaSpanish & Portuguese / Comparative LiteratureITenured
Chudnovsky, MariaMathematics / PACMIIITenured
Chyba, ChristopherSchool of Public & Int'l Affairs / Astrophysical SciencesII/III           Tenured
Colomina, BeatrizArchitecture / HistoryI/IITenured
Conley, DaltonSociologyIITenured
Cook, MichaelNear Eastern StudiesITenured
Cristea, IleanaMolecular BiologyIIITenured
Dafermos, MihalisMathematicsIIITenured
Fisch, NathanielAstrophysical SciencesIIITenured
Freedman, MichaelComputer ScienceIVTenured
Fueglistaler, StephanGeosciencesIIITenured
Grenfell, BryanSchool of Public & Int'l Affairs / Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyII/IIITenured
Haubold, JohannesClassicsITenured
Kastl, JakubEconomicsIITenured
Keulemans, PaizeEast Asian StudiesITenured
Knowles, RobertChemistryIIITenured
Kotin, JoshuaEnglishITenured
Lavin, SylviaArchitectureITenured
Lee, ChristinaSpanish & PortugueseITenured
Lew-Williams, BethHistoryIITenured
Lew-Williams, CaseyPsychologyIIITenured
Lorenz, HendrikPhilosophyITenured
Mackey, StevenMusicITenured
Maravelias, ChristosChemical & Biological EngineeringIVTenured
Margulis, Elizabeth (Lisa)MusicITenured
Mauzerall, DeniseSchool of Public & Int'l Affairs/ Civil & Environmental EngineeringII/IVTenured
Meyers, PeterPhysicsIIITenured
Milam, ErikaHistoryIITenured
Mueller, MichaelMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringIVTenured
Nestoridi, EvitaMathematicsIIINontenured
Oushakine, SergueiAnthropology / Slavic Languages & LiteratureII/ITenured
Pillow, JonathanPsychology / NeuroscienceIIITenured
Porporato, AmilcareCivil & Environmental Engineering / HMEIIVTenured
Ramsay, KristopherPoliticsIITenured
Raphael, BenComputer ScienceIVTenured
Raymo, JamesSociology / East Asian StudiesII/ITenured
Rogerson, RichardSchool of Public & Int'l Affairs / EconomicsIITenured
Rouse, CarolynAnthropologyIITenured
Schoene, BlairGeosciencesIIITenured
Sengupta, KaushikElectrical & Computer EngineeringIVTenured
Shkolinkov, Mykhaylo (Misha)Operations Research & Financial EngineeringIVTenured
Vidas, MoulieReligion / Judaic StudiesITenured
Watsky, AndrewArt & ArchaeologyITenured
Wingreen, NedMolecular Biology / Lewis-Sigler InstituteIIITenured
Winn, JoshuaAstrophysical SciencesIIITenured


Faculty Members of the Council of the Princeton University Community

In May 1969, a Special Committee on the Structure of the University, chaired by Professor Stanley Kelley Jr., proposed the establishment of a Council of the Princeton University Community as “a permanent conference of the representatives of all major groups of the University” where “they could each raise problems that concern them and … be exposed to each other’s views.” Meetings usually occur six times a year. Council membership includes faculty, students, staff, and alumni representatives, but meetings are open to all in the University community. Faculty members serve three-year terms.


Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
+Arnold, Craig B.  Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering / PRISMIV                  Tenured6/30/22
+Cheung, Caroline ClassicsINontenured6/30/24
+Chirik, Paul J. ChemistryIIITenured6/30/23
Devenport, DanelleMolecular BiologyIIITenured6/30/24
Finkelstein, Adam Computer ScienceIVTenured6/30/22
+Goldthree, Reena  African American StudiesIINontenured


+Kitzinger, Beatrice E.  Art & ArchaeologyINontenured6/30/23
Macedo, Stephen J.Politics / University Center for Human ValuesIITenured1/15/22
Marchesi, SimoneFrench & ItalianITenured6/30/22
McGrath, Sarah E.PhilosophyITenured6/30/22
+Rodriguez, Alejandro Electrical & Computer EngineeringIVTenured6/30/24
Shaevitz, Joshua W.Physics / Lewis-Sigler InstituteIIITenured6/30/22
Soner, MeteOperations Research & Financial EngineeringIVTenured6/30/23
Tamir, Diana I.PsychologyIIINontenured6/30/23
Wolff, Tamsen O.EnglishITenured6/30/22

 + Executive Committee (also serve as Faculty Advisory Committee on Policy);  * Nontenured at time of election

Policy Committee on Athletics and Campus Recreation

The Policy Committee on Athletics and Campus Recreation advises the President and the Director of Athletics concerning the conduct and direction of the programs of intercollegiate athletics, physical education, and health and fitness. Members serve for three-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Adam Maloof, Chair; Director of Athletics, Secretary; Rochelle Calhoun; Elizabeth Colagiuri; Hilary Parker

Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Fernandez-Kelly, PatriciaSociologyIITenured6/30/22
Grossman, Gene M.School of Public & Int'l Affairs / EconomicsIITenured6/30/24
Johnson, Jennifer M.MathematicsIIINontenured


Kang, YibinMolecular BiologyIIITenured6/30/24
Kornhauser, Alain L.Operations Research & Financial EngineeringIVTenured6/30/23
Maloof, Adam C.GeosciencesIII              Tenured6/30/22
Perry, Seth A.ReligionITenured*6/30/23
Pronin, EmilyPsychology / School of Public & Int'l AffairsIII/IITenured6/30/24
Sorensen, Erik J.ChemistryIIITenured6/30/23
Walker, David P.Computer ScienceIVTenured6/30/22

* Nontenured at time of election

University Research Board

The Board advises the Dean for Research and the President on matters pertaining to research administration and policy. The University Research Board consists of six members of the faculty. Two faculty members are elected by the Faculty at large by the system of the alternative vote and four faculty members are appointed by the President. Each of the four divisions of the Faculty is represented by at least one member. Faculty members normally serve four year terms and are not eligible for immediate re-election or reappointment after serving a full four-year term, except in unusual circumstances. See the Committee details here.

Ex Officio: Pablo G. Debenedetti, Chair; Elizabeth H. Adams, Administrative Officer; Annette Tate, Secretary; Jim Matteo; Dean of the Graduate School

Meets with the Board when Needed: Kevin Heaney; Robin M. Izzo; Gene Jarrett; Deborah A. Prentice; Ramona Romero

Faculty Member DepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Boustan, Leah P.ReplacementEconomicsIITenured6/30/24
Centeno, Miguel A.AppointedSociology / School of Public & Int'l AffairsIITenured6/30/25
DeLue, Rachael Z.   ElectedArt & ArchaeologyITenured6/30/22
Mauzerall, Denise L.AppointedSchool of Public & Int'l Affairs / Civil & Environmental EngineeringII/IV             Tenured6/30/24 
(Leave S'22)
Poor, H. VincentReplacementElectrical & Computer EngineeringIVTenured1/15/22
Torquato, SalvatoreAppointedChemistry / PRISMIIITenured6/30/22
(Leave S'22)

* Nontenured at time of Election/Appointment

University Student Life Committee

The University Student Life Committee is concerned with fostering relationships among academic, residential and social experiences of undergraduates and graduate students and more generally with the tone and character of University student life. In conjunction with the Council of College Heads, which oversees such matters in the residential colleges, the Committee reviews policies affecting residential and extracurricular life for all undergraduate and graduate students. Members serve a two-year term. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Rochelle Calhoun, Chair; Kathleen Deignan; Jill S. Dolan; Chad Klaus; John Kolligian; Dean of the Graduate School; Mollie Marcoux

Sits with Committee: Kimberly Betz; Alison Boden; LaTanya Buck; Chris Burkmar; Kimberly de los Santos; Khristina Gonzaelez; Smitha Haneef; Judy Jarvis; Dorian Johnson; Lisa Schreyer; Kenneth Strother

Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Armstrong, ElizabethSchool of Public & Int'l Affairs / SociologyIITenured6/30/23
Benhaïm, AndréFrench & ItalianITenured6/30/23
Bermann, Sandra L.Comparative LiteratureITenured1/15/22
Jenkins, Jesse D.Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering / Andlinger CenterIV              Nontenured6/30/22
Kocher, SarahEcology & Evolutionary Biology / Lewis-Sigler InstituteIIINontenured6/30/22
Pufu, Silviu S.PhysicsIIITenured*6/30/22

* Nontenured at time of Election