Endowed Professorships, Preceptorships & Fellowships

A legacy and a title of distinction, endowed positions recognize the highest levels of scholarship within our global academic community.

Generous gifts and bequests made by and on behalf of alumni and friends of Princeton have long supported the creation of named professorships, preceptorships and fellowships at the University. Reflecting achievement and potential with the capacity to change the nature of one’s field, they offer a framework for continued innovation across disciplines through both term and endowed funds.


Princeton’s long history as a home for the world’s leading scholars can be glimpsed within our expansive and enduring range of professorships. Capturing the nuanced interests of an academic community driven and defined by excellence, they are among the highest honors we bestow to our faculty.  

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Recognizing the career-changing potential that defines one’s formative experiences within the academy, Princeton supports promising junior faculty through competitively bestowed preceptorships. Established by University benefactors, they offer additional research support to honorees. 

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From facilitating innovation in classroom methodology to promoting individual scholarship and welcoming lecturers in specific fields, Princeton University fellowships contribute to the ongoing cultivation of a dynamic community defined by thoughtful and vigorous intellectual exchange.

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