Facts & Figures

Our scholarly community is defined by the belief that a commitment to academic excellence can change what’s possible in one’s research and in the world.

On a dynamic campus defined by the open pursuit of knowledge and cross-disciplinary exchange, Princeton University sets the highest standard for scholarship and education across disciplines. Pursued with a spirit of discovery and academic rigor, and articulated to the next generation through innovative teaching, our collective work is informed by an enduring drive to have an impact.

Dedicated to the pursuit of academic freedom as a mechanism for insight, our scholars seek every opportunity to uncover what’s possible when we work in dialogue across ranks, across fields, and often across continents.

Our Faculty

Renowned for the superlative quality of their research and teaching, both of which are central to one’s role here, the scholarly pursuits of our faculty are many — reflecting the unique range of interests that define our globally oriented University. Yet as a community, they share a deeper vision, articulated through service to the nation and humanity and the cultivation of life-changing educational opportunities for our students. Faculty and student life intersect on campus in meaningful ways here, from classes that inspire future careers, to thoughtful advising on senior theses and independent work. At the same time, our scholars guide solutions of global import and create new possibilities within their fields.

By the Numbers (as of November 1, 2023)


faculty (including visitors and part-time faculty)


tenured and tenure-track faculty



Additional Facts & Figures

1315 faculty (including visitors and part-time faculty)

Tenured & Tenure-Track

  • 541 professors
  • 122 associate professors
  • 191 assistant professors

Non-Tenure Track

  • 14 instructors
  • 306 lecturers
  • 41 senior lecturers
  • 8 university lecturers
  • 3 lecturers with the rank of professor
  • 8 professors of the practice


  • 81 visitors

Excluding visitors, 491 members of the faculty are women, 207 of whom have tenure.

Our Academic Professionals

Reflecting a plethora of research interests and career pathways, Princeton’s academic professionals are united in their passion for intellectual investigation. Central to the cultivation of Princeton’s scholarly environment, our scientists, scholars and librarians pursue groundbreaking ideas independently and in concert with the extended University community.

By the Numbers (as of November 1, 2023)


academic professionals


postdoctoral researchers



Additional Facts & Figures

1,691 academic professionals

  • 1072 professional researchers (inclusive of 763 postdoctoral researchers)
  • 215 professional specialists
  • 69 professional librarians
  • 335 visitors

Honors and Awards

Eleven current Princeton faculty members (including emeritus) and scholars are recipients of the Nobel Prize.

Name Prize Year
Joseph H. Taylor, emeritus physics 1993
Eric F. Wieschaus, emeritus physiology/medicine 1995
Daniel C. Tsui, emeritus physics 1998
David J. Gross, emeritus physics 2004
Paul Krugman, emeritus economics 2008
Christopher Sims, emeritus economics 2011
Angus Deaton, emeritus economics 2015
F. Duncan Haldane physics 2016
James Peebles, emeritus physics 2019
David MacMillan chemistry 2021
Syukuro Manabe physics 2021