Faculty and Academic Professionals

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Princeton University is a community devoted to learning through both teaching and research. As a community, we respect the dignity, distinctiveness, and freedom of each individual yet, at the same time, we strive to be a place where individuals and groups learn with and from each other. We remain unwavering in our commitment to both diversity and community in a context of academic excellence.

The Faculty

We actively wish to seek and retain faculty of exceptional ability and who share in our commitment to excellence in teaching and scholarship. All faculty members at Princeton are expected to teach, as well as engage in research. Faculty members work closely with undergraduates in the supervision of junior-year independent work and senior theses.

In fall 2021, the faculty (including visitors and part-time faculty) totaled 1285, including 528 professors, 115 associate professors, 190 assistant professors, 16 instructors, 316 lecturers, 17 senior lecturers, 7 university lecturers, 4 lecturers with the rank of professor, 1 professor emeritus (teaching), 4 professors of the practice, and 87 visitors. Seventy-seven percent of the professorial faculty is tenured. Excluding visitors, 463 members of the faculty are women. There were 193 tenured women on the faculty in fall 2021.

Academic Professionals

Princeton scientists, scholars, and librarians are involved in a wide rage of intellectual investigation and research. Opportunities for many levels of independent research and collaboration across the University are available--including postdoctoral research opportunities, as well as visiting and fellowship appointments. In fall 2020, the academic professional population totaled 1530, including 1027 professional researchers (inclusive of 705 postdoctoral researchers), 195 professional specialists, 72 professional librarians, and 236 visitors.