Our History and Past Deans

Dean of the Faculty, the University's oldest and highest-ranking deanship, was established by the trustees in 1883. 

The trustees charged the dean of the faculty "with over­sight of whatever does not pertain directly to the work of instruction, such in particular as the discipline of the College, the assignment of rooms and the sanitary condition of the Institution." As thus de­fined, this continued to be the dean of the faculty's function until 1909 when, with the creation of the Office of the Dean of the College, these duties were assigned to the new dean, and the dean of the faculty took over from the president oversight of the application and enforcement of rules and standards of scholarship in the University. The dean of the faculty also chaired, ex-officio, the faculty committee on examinations and standing, and was responsible for discharging the general duties of the president in his absence or disability.

During the post-World War II years, as the dean of the college assumed increasing responsibility for the academic life of undergraduates, the dean of the faculty took increasing responsibility for the oversight of the departments of instruction and concern for the well-being of the faculty. In 1967, the newly created Office of the Provost took over the responsibility of acting for the president in his or her absence or disability.

Today the dean of the faculty has administrative oversight of the academic departments, centers and programs, and of all matters that pertain to the effectiveness and well-being of the faculty, and of the professional librarians, researchers and specialists.

There have been 17 deans of the faculty to date. The current dean is Gene A. Jarrett.

- History from the New Princeton Companion.