Benefits for Academic Professionals

Princeton’s competitive array of benefits reflects a holistic approach to supporting you and your family at work and beyond.

Part of what makes Princeton University an amazing place to work is our expansive array of benefits. We encourage you to explore what is available to both you and your family as valued members of our community. The University is also an engaging, transformative resource in and of itself. From opportunities for collaboration to world-class research and cultural facilities, you will find all manner of spaces that bring people together and inspire new ideas.

Compensation Highlights

  • Paychecks: Salaries for monthly employees are paid at the end of each month. 
  • Direct deposit: Arrangements may be made with the Office of Finance and Treasury. 
  • Deductions: Address questions about deductions or changes, including for income tax, to the Payroll Department within the Office of Finance and Treasury. 
  • Nonresident tax and withholding: Address questions to [email protected].