Housing for Faculty

Rental Housing

To encourage faculty members to live close to the University, Princeton owns and manages over 600 rental units, including both houses and apartments, which it rents to eligible faculty. The rental housing program is administered by our Housing and Real Estate Services, 5 New South Building. Anyone wishing further information should contact the Housing Office at (609) 258-3125.

Mortgage Loan Program

The University also has a mortgage loan program to assist faculty members in locating near the University. Through this program, Princeton offers mortgage financing, under policies and procedures established by the Board of Trustees, at advantageous rates and terms to eligible faculty members for the purchase of homes within a nine-mile radius of the University. This program is administered by our University Mortgage Services, 7 New South Building. Anyone considering applying for a mortgage loan should contact the UMS office at (609) 258-3123.

Additional Programs for Tenured Faculty

There are additional housing programs for tenured faculty. For information, contact the Office of Real Estate Finance at (609) 258-3123.

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