Humanities and Social Sciences Research Fund

Minimum $5,000 per year research funds for faculty members (full, associate and assistant professors) in the Humanities and Social Sciences and the maximum carry-over balance:The Priorities Committee and the Trustees at their January 2008 meeting approved the Dean of the Faculty PriCom request to establish a minimum $5,000 per year individual discretionary research fund for all faculty members (full, associate and assistant professors) in the Humanities and Social Sciences. This initiative was one of the highest priorities of the Dean of the Faculty and Provost. New funds were made available from the Priorities Committee and in addition, support was reallocated from the University Committee on Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (UCRHSS) and from other sources. This means that UCRH&SS resources are somewhat reduced—but not eliminated. We therefore ask that you use your new research fund as your first source of support and only after you have spent these funds for the year should you request UCRH&SS support. We have revised the UCRH&SS application to request information on how you have used your research fund. We would also note that these funds provide the highest benefit when they are used, and our expectation is that you will spend all of the resources allocated to you to further your research. To this end, if you have accumulated $12,500 or more in your research fund, we will not allocate the annual $5,000 funding until the next academic year when your funds accumulated have dropped below $12,500.  Therefore the maximum balance that an individual research fund may begin the academic year with will be $17,499 ($12,499 + $5,000). To be eligible for this new fund, the faculty member must not be receiving annual discretionary research funds in excess of the $5,000 minimum from any other university source. Existing annual discretionary research funds below the $5,000 minimum will be augmented from central and/or departmental sources to bring the research fund to $5,000 per year. Funding for this program is provided by a combination of central and departmental resources. All funds are subject to the accumulated carryover balance limitation as described above. The balance recorded in the Information Warehouse on June 30th of each year will be the official balance used for calculating the carryover maximum. Questions about eligibility, carryover amounts, or general inquiries about the fund should be directed to [email protected].

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