At Princeton, our benefits program is designed to advance your goals on campus and beyond.

Additional Benefits

  • This fund helps junior faculty with one-time grants when unexpected opportunities or situations arise.

  • The Dean of the Faculty offers up to ten confidential, personalized coaching sessions with Leader Academic for professorial faculty who become parents through birth or adoption.

  • Funds are available to help professorial rank faculty members and senior lecturers with children more easily attend professional meetings and engage in research involving travel.

  • Please contact Karen Haskin regarding dual career assistance.

  • To support faculty professional development, this fund may be used for language training, travel to attend professional meetings and other activities.

  • This fund provides assistance for faculty recruitment expenses such as travel, relocation and other expenses, especially in support of diversity.

  • Faculty members may be eligible for University rentals, Princeton's mortgage loan program, and additional housing programs.

  • Individual discretionary research funds are available for all faculty members (full, associate and assistant professors) in the Humanities and Social Sciences not receiving annual discretionary research funds in excess of the $5,000 minimum from any other university source.

  • This fund is designed to assist faculty who would benefit from unusual, one-time grants when unexpected opportunities or situations arise.

  • The University assists regular full-time faculty members with travel to meetings of learned societies or conferences once during the academic year.

  • A generous leave program allows faculty to be relieved periodically from normal teaching and other University duties in order to pursue scholarship.

  • New full-time regular (not visiting) appointees to the faculty may be provided with a contribution to the costs of moving furniture and personal effects to the Princeton area.

  • The departmental chair or the program director has the responsibility of assigning office space and administrative assistant services to individual faculty members. The chair or the director is also responsible for the funds, facilities, equipment, and supplies assigned to the department or program, subject to such consultation with respect to its use as may be customary in the department or program.

  • In limited circumstances, the Dean of the Faculty will approve reimbursement of expenses incurred while a faculty member is on leave of absence.

  • Designated for one-time faculty development opportunities, this fund supports faculty members who are conducting special projects such as workshops and seminars for which there is no other means of support.

  • Assistant professors who become parents before their final year receive an automatic, 1-year tenure- clock extension for each child.

  • The University Committee on Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (UCRHSS) provides small grants to eligible faculty members in the Humanities and Social Sciences to support their research and scholarly work.

  • Professorial rank faculty members who are parents are eligible for up to a year of unpaid parenting leave.

  • In tandem with Workload Relief for New Parents, faculty who give birth are eligible for an additional semester of teaching relief in the semester they are due to give birth.

  • Faculty who are primary caregivers to newborn infants or newly adopted preschool children are eligible for a semester of full teaching relief, or two semesters of half-time teaching relief.