At Princeton, our benefits program is designed to advance your goals on campus and beyond.

Additional Benefits

  • The Dean of the Faculty offers up to ten confidential, personalized coaching sessions with Leader Academic for professorial faculty who become parents through birth or adoption.

  • Funds are available to help professorial rank faculty members and senior lecturers with children more easily attend professional meetings and engage in research involving travel.

  • Assistant professors who become parents before their final year receive an automatic, 1-year tenure- clock extension for each child.

  • Professorial rank faculty members who are parents are eligible for up to a year of unpaid parenting leave.

  • In tandem with Workload Relief for New Parents, faculty who give birth are eligible for an additional semester of teaching relief in the semester they are due to give birth.

  • Faculty who are primary caregivers to newborn infants or newly adopted preschool children are eligible for a semester of full teaching relief, or two semesters of half-time teaching relief.