E. Classified Research

       (Adopted by the Faculty on 4 May 1953, as revised on 5 February 1968 and on 1 February 1971)

       Security regulations and classification of information are at variance with the basic objectives of a University, and

       The proper performance of any research contracts or grants involving classified information places on the University obligations which should be carefully controlled to avoid jeopardizing the fulfillment of the University‚Äôs educational responsibilities,

       Be it resolved that the University be guided by the following principles in its relations with the Government on research contracts and grants:

  1. The University will not, as a matter of policy, accept any contracts or grants for the support of classified research.
  2. If any portion of the research carried out under a contract or grant is classified by the government, that portion shall be terminated as soon as possible.
  3. Exceptions to these policies shall be authorized by the University Research Board only under extraordinary conditions to be determined by the special review in which the Board, the Faculty, and the Council of the Princeton University Community shall participate.
  4. Classified information shall be stored and classified research shall be conducted in such physical quarters, and under such contractual requirements, that the free functioning of the educational operations of the University will not be hampered.
  5. No outside agency shall have the right to determine that any individual employed by the University shall be excluded from participating in work which does not involve classified information.
  6. Government attempts to restrict the free flow of unclassified information, or to restrict participation of personnel in work which does not involve classified information, by termination of contracts or by other means, should be resisted and deplored.