b. Advisory Committee on Appointments and Advancements

       The Advisory Committee on Appointments and Advancements consists of six members of the Faculty, all of whom shall be full professors. There shall be at least one from each division, three from Divisions I and II, and three from Divisions III and IV, not more than one shall be from any one department, and at least two shall be a current chair or director of a department, program, center or institute authorized to be the primary home for tenured and tenure-track appointments. The President is chair, and the Dean of the Faculty is secretary; the Provost, the Dean of the Graduate School, and the Dean of the College meet with the Committee. Faculty members serving on the Committee are elected by the Faculty after the February Faculty meeting, from the list of nominees presented to the Faculty by the Committee on Committees at the February meeting, together with any additional nominations from the floor. In the event that a member is unable to serve for a significant length of time because of illness, or other compelling reasons, the person on the slate from which the committee was elected, having the highest number of votes, who is in the division of the person who cannot serve, and most nearly meets the constraints governing membership on the committee, shall be asked to serve until such time as the original member is able to resume service.

       The Committee advises the President on the appointment of Professors, the appointment and promotion of Associate Professors, and the reappointment and promotion of Assistant Professors; and on the salaries of these members of the Faculty.