k. Policy Committee on Athletics and Campus Recreation

       The Policy Committee on Athletics and Campus Recreation consists of the Vice President and Secretary (ex officio), Vice President for Campus Life (ex officio), Deputy Dean of the College (ex officio), an Associate Dean of the College (ex officio), the Director of Athletics (secretary), six members of the Faculty (at least one from each division), two representatives of the Alumni Council, and representatives from the Department of Athletics staff. Four to five undergraduate students at the University also serve on the committee, including two varsity athletes, one intramural/sport-club leader, and one member appointed by the Undergraduate Student Government. The Faculty representatives and chair are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty, in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Committee on Policy.

       The Policy Committee on Athletics and Campus Recreation advises the President and the Director of Athletics concerning the conduct and direction of the programs of intercollegiate athletics, campus recreation, and health and fitness.