4. The Honor System

       All written examinations and tests are taken in accordance with the provisions of the Honor System. (The constitution and a description of the Honor System are given in The Undergraduate Announcement.) The provisions which immediately concern an officer of instruction in charge of an examination are the following:

a.    There shall be no proctorial supervision of examinations, but each student shall subscribe on her or his paper the following pledge:

       “I pledge my honor that I have not violated the Honor Code during this examination.”

b.    Suspected breaches of this pledge which come to the attention of the Faculty shall be reported immediately to the student Honor Committee.

c.    At the request of the student Honor Committee the following rules are to be observed at all examinations and tests taken under the Honor System:

  1. Students may not take an examination or written test in any place other than that regularly scheduled for the examination or test, except at the Infirmary, unless the instructor has granted specific permission, which must then also be granted to any other student who makes the same request.
  2. All students taking examinations should, as far as feasible, sit in alternate seats, refrain from bringing books and notes into the examination room, and avoid sitting near those with whom they have studied.
  3. Each student taking an examination or test should indicate the number of the seat he or she occupies in the room.
  4. The examiner shall insist that every student taking an examination or test write out the pledge and sign her or his name thereto.