2. A.B. and B.S.E. Candidates

a.    A department is under obligation to report to the Committee on Discipline a clear case of dishonest use of another’s work in the senior thesis or any paper presented in connection with an independent program of study.

b.    A copy of each senior thesis is permanently retained by the department and deposited in the Library.

c.    The departmental standing of students is discussed in The Undergraduate Announcement: Academic Standing.

d.    At the close of each academic year departments certify to the Office of the Registrar the names and standing of those seniors who have satisfied requirements for the degree, and separately the names and standing of those who have failed to satisfy requirements.

e.    For each senior who has failed to satisfy its requirements the department should send to the Office of the Dean of the College, for guidance in talking to the student, a confidential statement about the grounds for the failure as well as recommendation about whether and under what circumstances the student may attempt to qualify for the degree. These recommendations must be approved by the Committee on Examinations and Standing.

f.     Honors are awarded at graduation by the various departments. See the current issue of The Undergraduate Announcement under the sections devoted to the Program of Study for the A.B. Degree end the Program of Study for the B.S.E. Degree.