4. Benefits Generally Available to Emeritus Faculty

Upon their request, emeritus faculty members may receive such University publications as the Princeton University Bulletin and the Princeton Alumni Weekly, as well as agendas and minutes of University Faculty Meetings. They may attend meetings of the University and departmental faculty upon invitation, but do not have votes at these meetings. Emeritus faculty members continue to receive University identification cards and to have use of the library, the athletic facilities and dining facilities on the same basis as active faculty members.

Faculty will automatically retain their University computing privileges when they are granted emeritus status. In particular, there will be no change to their existing netid@princeton.edu e-mail address upon becoming an emeritus faculty member.

Emeritus faculty members may be assigned office space as available and as needed, although they have lower priority than active members of the faculty and staff. Other facilities may be made available to them if the facilities are not needed by active faculty members and if it is possible to provide these facilities within the constraints of departmental budgets.

Emeritus faculty members do not have regular duties on a continuing basis. Retired Princeton faculty members may be appointed to teach on a part-time course-by-course basis, upon recommendation by the Chair and with the approval of the Board of Trustees for each appointment. These appointments are limited to one course per year for up to three years. Emeritus faculty members may carry to completion the supervision of those doctoral students whom they were advising before retirement, but are not expected to take on new graduate students after retirement.

Emeritus faculty members may have additional appointments as Senior Scholars if they are principal investigators on sponsored research projects. These appointments are expected to be at a small fraction of full-time duty and to involve only nominal compensation through the research grant or contract. Emeritus faculty members may accept postdoctoral fellows and other research staff to work with them. Laboratory space will continue to be made available for them so long as their research continues to be supported by outside grants and so long as their laboratory space is not needed for active faculty or staff members. Adequate notice will be given to emeritus faculty members if it necessary to reassign their laboratory space to active faculty members.