B. Non-reapppointments, Terminations, and Retirements

1. Notice of Termination or Non-reappointment

Librarians on annual appointment must receive at least three months’ notice of the University’s intention not to reappoint them. Librarians on continuing appointment must, except if terminated for cause, receive at least six months’ notice of termination or equivalent pay, at the option of the University. Time spent and benefits received on temporary disability may count toward satisfaction of this obligation by the University. It is expected that a librarian will give due consideration to the length of time that may be required for the University to fill his or her position when giving notice of resignation.

2. Disciplinary Action and Termination for Cause

A member of the staff may be subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to suspension, dismissal, or salary reduction for cause on the basis of: (a) continuing unsatisfactory performance after due notice; or (b) conduct which is shown to violate the University rules and procedures applicable to a member of the professional library staff or substantially to impair the individual’s performance of his or her responsibilities as a member of the staff. The range of penalties described above is provided so that the penalty may be commensurate with the nature of the offense.

Before any of the above actions are taken, a staff member is entitled to receive from his or her supervisor a statement in writing of the reasons for the proposed action. If the staff member wishes, he or she may receive a hearing under the provisions of the “Grievance Procedures for the Professional Library Staff” (Section D of this chapter).

3. Separation as a Result of Disability

Prior to any decision to terminate a librarian unable to perform the normal duties of his or her job due to disability, reasonable accommodation will be made as long as the librarian can continue to perform the essential functions of the position. The University will also attempt to transfer that person to another position for which he or she is qualified.

4. Retirement

Retirement from the University is a voluntary termination. A member of the staff who wishes to discuss retirement should consult with her or his supervisor, the Human Resources Librarian, and with the Associate Dean of the Faculty. The individual should also consult with the Office of Human Resources for information on the status of his or her benefits upon retirement.

The title of Emeritus Librarian may be bestowed upon librarians at the time of their retirement from the University after at least ten years of service. The title is conferred at the discretion of the University Librarian and with the approval of the Dean of the Faculty.