Faculty Advisory Committee on Diversity

The Faculty Advisory Committee on Diversity (FACD) is composed of tenured faculty members representing all four academic divisions of the University. They advise the President, Provost, and Dean of the Faculty on issues and initiatives relating to diversity and inclusion, including faculty hiring, policies, curriculum, and campus climate.  

Resources are available to support the efforts of academic departments to diversify the faculty through the Target of Opportunity Program (ToO). The Dean of the Faculty is specifically interested in supporting faculty candidates who can contribute to the University’s diversity, broadly defined, including members of groups that have been historically and are presently underrepresented in the academy or in particular disciplines, such as racial and ethnic minorities and women in STEM. Department nominations are reviewed and approved by the FACD. Members serve three-year terms. For more details, see the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty Chapter II.

Ex Officio: Christopher L. Eisgruber, Chair; Gene A. Jarrett, Secretary; Deborah A. Prentice

Sits with Committee: Jill S. Dolan; Rodney D. Priestley

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Award entries: 
 Faculty MemberDepartmentDivisionRankTerm Ends
Dunkley, JoPhysicsIII             Tenured6/30/24
Fuentes, AugustinAnthropologyIITenured6/30/23 
Meira Monteiro, PedroSpanish & PortugueseITenured6/30/23
Mendelberg, TaliPoliticsIITenured6/30/25
Murthy, MalaNeuroscienceIIITenured6/30/25
Small, IreneArt & ArchaeologyITenured6/30/25
Stone, Howard A.Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringIVTenured6/30/23
Tangpi, LudovicOperations Research & Financial EngineeringIVNontenured6/30/24

* NT at time of election.