Benefits in Retirement

We invest in our faculty emeriti with valuable privileges and benefits that go beyond your retirement plan.

Our faculty emeriti benefits program is thoughtfully designed to reflect the unique relationship you retain with your department and the extended University community during retirement. If you have questions or would like to discuss your plans, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Office.

Research Funding

Faculty research often extends into retirement. In such cases, there are resources available to support your work.

Unexpended Research Funds

Unexpended research funds will be rolled forward for use after your retirement. These funds intended to pay for research-related expenses such as: 

  • Books and other research materials including databases and software
  • Employment of research assistants
  • Subventions
  • Translation expenses for research materials
  • Research-related travel
  • Other research-related expenditures 

Note that you cannot utilize these funds to pay yourself salary or summer salary. Your department manager can assist you with reimbursement paperwork. Please consult with your Chair and our Office with any questions.

Incentive Retirement Plan Research Grants 

In addition to maintaining access to your research account, Incentive Retirement Plan members receive a $5,000 research grant at the time of transfer to emeritus status.

Funding Programs

Certain funding programs, including Learned Society Travel and UCRHSS grants, are open to emeritus faculty. Visit our Benefits section for details.

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Emeritus Status

Upon retirement, it is customary for the University to approve the transfer of tenured Professors and Associate Professors in good standing to emeritus status. You normally have no specific teaching or research responsibilities, and do not receive a salary or stipend. However, you are encouraged to participate in academic programs and to interact with faculty members, researchers, and students.

Doctoral Advising

As an emeritus faculty member, you may complete doctoral advising arrangements that started before retirement. However, you are not expected to take on new graduate students.

Faculty Meetings

Agendas and minutes of University faculty meetings are available to you. Upon invitation, you may attend meetings, but please note that you do not have voting privileges. 

Teaching Appointments & Professor Emeritus Status

Retired faculty members may be appointed to teach on a part-time, course-by-course basis, upon recommendation by the Chair and with the approval of the Board of Trustees. Post-retirement teaching duties normally amount to at most a single course during any academic year, and is limited to an cumulative total of three courses during retirement. These teaching appointments carry the additional title of Professor Emeritus (Teaching), and are paid at the Visiting Professor rate.

Conduct and Status Approval

If you retain a professional connection with Princeton, you are expected to conduct research and University activities with the same ethical standards expected from all faculty. The University reserves the right to deny transfer to emeritus status or rescind emeritus status for conduct inconsistent with the above standards.

Senior Scholar Appointments

If you serve as PI on a sponsored research project or maintain an active research program at the University, you may be appointed to the rank of Senior Scholar. Occasionally, such arrangements are also made to support some other, specific service to the University.

Appointments, Reappointments & Compensation

Appointments & Reappointments

Arrangements for Senior Scholar appointments must be made in advance.

Appointments and reappointments are normally for renewable, one-year terms, approved annually by the Dean of the Faculty on the recommendation of the sponsoring department.

Duty & Compensation

Appointments generally involve a small fraction of full-time duty and nominal compensation through a research grant (for sponsored projects) or contract (for other arrangements). Senior Scholars are not eligible for stipends. 

As a Senior Scholar involved in sponsored or active University research, you may accept postdoctoral fellows and other research staff to work with you.

When initially appointed, the 12 month FTE salary is the 12 month equivalent of your final academic year salary plus 2.5 summer 9ths of salary, or 1.278 times the academic year salary. 

Salary increases are awarded through the merit process.

Retirement Contributions

If you are reappointed to the faculty as a Lecturer with the rank of Professor or paid through a research appointment as a Senior Scholar, you will receive contributions to your 401K retirement account based on the salary paid. In addition, you may continue to contribute to your 403B account based on the salary paid during the appointment.

Office & Lab Space

Generally speaking, faculty members are expected to relinquish office and lab space upon retirement.

You may be assigned office space as available and as departmental budgets allow, although faculty emeriti have lower priority than active faculty and staff. Discuss your needs with your Chair and our Office as soon as you have made your retirement decision. Lab space will continue to be made available so long as your research continues to be supported by outside grants and the space is not needed for active faculty or staff.

Additional Privileges


You automatically retain lifelong University computing privileges, with no change to your [email protected] email address.

University ID

If you retire with benefits from Princeton, you and your spouse or partner retain card privileges. Visit the TigerCard website for details.

Facilities & Programs

You remain eligible for a University parking permit. Visit Transportation and Parking Services for details. 

Faculty members with emeritus status are eligible for a University emeritus faculty parking permit. Holders of this permit are eligible to use the Propect Avenue, Stadium Drive and Theater Drive garages on campus. Please send an email to [email protected] or call 609-258-8300 to get set up with the special permit.

Teaching Opportunities
University Mortgage Program

Visit the Office of Finance and Treasury for details on status changes and continued participation in the program.

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University Benefits

For questions about retiree health benefits, contact Crystal Edwards, senior benefits specialist, Office of Human Resources, 609-258-9119. The Human Resources Benefits Team can be reached at 609-258-3302 or [email protected]. Information regarding healthcare plans, retiree wellness resources, and more, can be found on the HR website.