Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get copies of the following Registrar reports: Course Evaluation Summary Graduate Supervision Report, Senior Thesis and JIW Supervision Report?

To access these reports follow these instructions:

  1. Log onto the information warehouse
  2. From the left-hand menu navigation, select Team Content > Teaching and Advising Reports.   Note:  Be sure to select Teaching and Advising Reports folder, identified a folder icon.
  3. Once inside the Teaching and Advising Reports folder, you will see a folder for your department/program.  Click on your department’s folder.
  4. Click on the Instructor Dashboard (RV) link that appears in your department’s folder.  The report will run and display a list of active faculty/instructors for your department, with links to their individual results for the reports listed above.

For questions about these reports, please contact the Office of the Registrar:

How do I submit supporting documents to the Dean of the Faculty?

All supporting documents should be submitted via the SRP website.


I am locked out of the Salary Review site. What happened and how do I unlock the page?

This typically happens when a user closes their browser window without first clicking the LOGOUT button. When this happens, all users in the department will be locked out of the site for 1 hour. To unlock the worksheet, the user who locked it can log into SRP, select the appropriate worksheet on the left side of the screen, and click Select. From the departmental worksheet, click LOGOUT or CANCEL at the bottom of the page to unlock the worksheet.

Note: If 1 hour has passed since a worksheet was locked, it can be unlocked by anyone who has access; in that case, however, all unsaved data will be lost.

I need to make an adjustment to the promotion list and add or remove someone from the list. Will this impact my department pools?

Yes. Please contact Hema Suri or Kuete Gayibor as soon as possible to obtain the new pool amount.

Is there a special pool for Assistant Professors?

No. The special pool is for tenured faculty only.

An Assistant Professor in my department was recently reappointed for a second term. Do I need to include anything for this faculty member?

Yes. Include the bibliography.

We have a new faculty member joining the department on February 1st. What information should be included with their packet?

You should include as much of the same information as is required for all faculty members. The new faculty member should provide a bibliography for the same period for scholarly activity completed prior to their arrival at Princeton.

My department generates teaching and advising data separate from the Registrar data. Can we submit this information in place of the Registrar data?

We prefer to use the data that we receive from Registrar. There are two main reasons for this: (1) the Registrar data is the official data of record for University teaching and advising; and (2) using the data that is provided by the Registrar aides the C/3 and C/9 with reviewing the documentation by providing a common format across all departments. If the Registrar data does not reflect the full teaching and advising picture of a faculty member, you may attach supplemental data that demonstrates the remainder. Please remember that C/3 and C/9 will be reviewing a significant amount of write-ups and data in a very short period of time. Brevity is appreciated. That said; you should include as much data for the period requested that efficiently and effectively communicates the faculty member’s performance and contribution to the department.

What order should the faculty be listed in the cover memo matrix and paragraphs following the matrix?

In both sections, faculty should be listed in overall ranking order from highest to lowest.

What information needs to be included in the cover memos?

A separate cover memo should be included for each distinct pool. This means one cover memo for each of the following: tenured faculty (full and associate professors), non-tenured faculty (assistant professors), and advanced lecturer ranks (senior lecturers, university lecturers, and professors of the practice). Separate memos should be included for nominations to the special and equity pools.

For a full review each memo consists of three parts: a written summary of departmental performance in the areas of research, teaching, and service; a matrix; and individual paragraphs for ALL faculty members in order of overall ranking from highest to lowest.  

For an abbreviated review, the memos follow the same format as the full review. The tenured faculty memo in this case, however, does not need to include individual paragraphs for full professors. 

What ranking scale should be used?

Please grade the scholarly performance, teaching, and service of all faculty members using a 5-point scale, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. This scale should be used consistently throughout the cover memo. The period of review should be the same as the period requested for the bibliography.

What information do I submit for my chair and members of the C/3 or C/9?

Submit the same information requested for similarly ranked faculty members in your department. Include the bibliography and activities with other departments or programs.

A faculty member submitted their CV but did not submit the separate bibliography. Can I include the CV with their packet instead of the bibliography?

No. The C/3 and C/9 review all faculty salary packets over an extremely condensed period of time therefore the information provided must be uniform and consistent across all departments and should include only the time period requested for the bibliography.

Where can I find my department’s pool allocations, five year salary history and list of joint appointees?

Posted on the left side of your department’s worksheet on the SRP website you will find Department Support Files. Pool allocations for each rank will be displayed on your worksheet in the SRP website. As you enter department pool amounts on your worksheet, a declining balance will calculate at the top for each separate pool. Pool amounts may not be transferred among the groupings.

I have several faculty members who are jointly appointed. What information must be included with the individual faculty member’s packet?

The joint department chair or director submits a letter or one paragraph write-up for each joint appointee that outlines the faculty member’s contribution to the joint department. If there are several joint appointments from the same home department, the joint department chair or director should rank the faculty members using a standard ranking system determined by the chair or director and include this rationale with the letter to the home department chair. Specific salaries and pool allocations should be managed and determined by the home department using the write up provided by the joint department.

How do I know if my department is slated for a full or abbreviated review?

Typically issued in December, the Numbered Memo titled: Salary Review Process will include information about which review your department will be required to complete during the review process. In general, those departments that submitted a full request last year will submit an abbreviated request this year. The memo can be found on the SRP website. After you log in and choose your department you can find it on the left side of the screen.

Can the F3 forms be automatically generated?

Yes. Using the Salary Review Process (SRP) website, the forms will be automatically created and submitted to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. The Department Chair must click on Submit after the departmental worksheet is finalized. This will be accepted as the Chair's electronic signature.