Recommend a New Academic Professional Appointment

This information pertains to new appointments to the non-visiting ranks of the Professional Researchers, Specialists, and Librarians. Instructions for visiting ranks can be found here.


The New Appointment eForm should be used to recommend new appointments for Professional Researchers, Professional Specialists, and Professional Librarians.

For the RSL ranks listed below, please submit the required materials via the New Appointment eForm by the deadline, which we have aligned with the Payroll deadlines posted here

  • Postdoc ranks (PDRA, PDRF, PGRA, SRA)
  • Associate Research Scholar
  • Professional Specialist ranks (Professional Specialist, Associate Professional Specialist)

All offer letters must be pre-approved via the New Appointment eForm by the Associate Dean and should include a deadline for receiving the candidate’s reply and must include the following statement:

Princeton University is required to verify that you are eligible for employment under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Information on what you must do to prove U.S. citizenship, permanent residence or visa status that authorizes you to work will be sent to you along with the formal letter of appointment.

In addition, all Postdoctoral Research Associates in the social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering should be notified they are required to complete a course in Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR).

Appointment recommendation forms should be submitted with a current CV, proof of Ph.D. (from a Dean- or Registrar-level office) for all postdoctoral appointments, a copy of the position posting, the Search Report Form and accompanying documentation, and a copy of the offer letter. All documents should be submitted via the New Appointment eForm.

When appointment recommendation forms are submitted for individuals with US Citizenship Status of 'International' a completed Visa Information Form should be submitted to the Office of Visa Services at the same time. Visa papers will not be issued for employees until the complete paperwork necessary for appointment are received and approved by the Dean of the Faculty.