Recommend a New Summer-Only Faculty Appointment


Use the New Appointment eForm to recommend a new appointment for summer-only faculty. Appointments in the ranks of Summer Faculty are intended only for non-Princeton faculty who are hired during part or all of the summer for the purpose of teaching an accredited summer class. Summer faculty may only be hired and paid during the period June 1st – August 31st. All appointments to summer faculty ranks will be non-benefits eligible although they will be entitled to an ID card, parking privileges, and access to the library during the period of their appointment. Faculty members who have active current appointments at Princeton University should not be appointed as summer faculty and instead will continue to be compensated for any summer teaching duties through the regular Summer Salary payment processes.

Summer-only faculty appointments will have a 3-month base so their FTE salary should be set at the equivalent of a 3-month salary at 100% time. Summer faculty will receive monthly paychecks at the end of one or other summer months.

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Oliver Avens