Recommend a Visiting Researcher or Specialist Reappointment


For recommendations of all reappointments for visiting RSL ranks, use the VIS Form (below).  The form should be submitted to the DOF via the DropBox (for detailed submission instructions, click here).

For the Visiting ranks listed below, please submit the required materials to the DoF DropBox by the deadline, which we have aligned with the Payroll deadlines posted here.

Visitor Research Ranks: Visiting Research Scholar, Visiting Fellow, Visiting Research Collaborator, Visiting Professional Specialist, Visiting Postdoctoral Research Associate

The University will extend its hospitality to visiting scholars who wish to spend a limited time at Princeton for the purpose of study, scholarship, and research. The nature of the appointment depends on the stature, credentials, and reasons for visiting.

For all additional information please refer to the Rules and Procedures for Professional Researchers and Professional Specialists.