Request Workload Relief

Workload relief is provided for faculty members who have sole responsibility for the care of a newborn infant or newly-adopted pre-school child for at least 20 hours during the work week (8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday).

  1. A recommendation for workload relief must be accompanied by a memorandum from the faculty member requesting the workload relief, describing the care arrangements for the new child during the work week and estimating the number of hours per week that the child will be in the faculty member’s sole care.
  2. On a separate sheet, please provide the plan of how the Department will facilitate the workload relief, including any requests for teaching budget support from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.

Princeton's workload relief policy permits one semester of workload relief from classroom teaching and administrative committee work, or two semesters of half relief from such duties. A faculty member wishing to request workload relief for parenting under this plan should inform his or her department chair in writing, normally at least three months before the start of the first semester in relief. Details of the workload must be decided in consultation with the chair.

To enable the Office of the Dean of the Faculty to accommodate and track these workload relief requests, we ask that the Chair complete a Workload Relief Request Form and forward that from along with the faculty member's written request to the Dean.

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