Faculty Leaves Request

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The following instructions are applicable for leave requests by faculty members.  Leave requests for Academic Professionals are processed using the online EFORM process.

Printable Quick Reference Guide for Managers

Accessing the Leave Request Management Menu

  1. Log in to your HR Self-Service at: www.princeton.edu/selfservice
  2. Click on the “Compass" icon at the top of the screen, and then click Navigator > Workforce Administration > DOF Forms > Manage Faculty Leaves

Viewing and Managing Leave Requests

  1. On the "Manage Faculty Leaves" screen, you will see a listing of all leave requests from faculty in your department. Use the "Filter by" menu to filter the leave requests by department, academic year and leave status. Note: Initially, this list will only include a few leaves, but over time the list will grow as more requests are submitted; thus, the filters will become more useful down the road.
  2. As a department manager, you will need to review all leave requests marked with the status "Submitted to Department." To review a leave, click on the faculty member's name.
  3. Clicking on a faculty member's name will bring you to the individual's leave request information.You will want to review the information submitted and view attachments.You may also add attachments to the application If needed. The system will only accept PDF files, so you will need to be sure to convert any Word documents to PDFs before uploading to the system. Note: You are responsible for reviewing content and double-checking for accuracy, especially as it relates to the type of leave(s) requested and type(s) of pay requested.
  4. Below the "Additional Comments" box, you'll see a space to enter the chart string details for the leave.  Under "Salary Allocation", enter the term, department, fund, program, account, site, and other information as needed (in the same way as you did on the old PDF leave request form).  Note: You may add as many rows as you need; use the "+" button to add an additional row.
  5. Enter your own comments (if you would like) in the "Chair/Dept Mgr Comments" box at the bottom of the page. The faculty member will not be able to view these comments -- only the Chair and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty will have access to these.
  6. To return to the list of leaves without saving, click the "Return to Main Page" button.
  7. To save any changes without sending the leave request to your chair, click the "Save" button.
  8. Once you have reviewed the request and entered all additional information, click "Submit to Department Chair" to send the information to your department's Chair for review. Note: If a faculty member has a joint appointment, Chairs from both departments will be sent the information to review.
  9. To process a faculty member's request to cancel a previously-submitted leave request, please contact the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.