Visiting Faculty and Staff Institutional Payment




For recommendations of appointments of visiting professors if Princeton is to pay salary to the home institution rather than directly to the individual appointee (with the exception of Princeton-Rutgers Exchange), use the Agreement with Home Institution Form. This form should accompany the appointment form and should be sent directly to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty for approval and forwarding to outside institutions.

Use the Faculty and Staff Institutional Payment Form (IP) for recommendations of other appointments of visiting faculty and visiting academic professionals if Princeton is to pay salary to the home institition rather than directly to the individual appointee, with the exception of a Princeton-Rutgers Exchange.  The IP form must be completed, signed by the Chair, and sent to the outside instutiton for signature.  When the form is complete (all signatures have been collected), it should be submitted along with the appointment form.

The Princeton-Rutgers Exchange program covering all appointments of faculty members from one institution to teach at the other institution. A Rutgers faculty member who is asked to teach at Princeton and vice versa is given a reduced teaching load at  the faculty member’s home institution, but no direct payment. There is a corresponding addition or reduction in FTE's charged to the Princeton department's teaching budget (0.1665 FTE for a one-term course). Reimbursement of salary between Princeton and Rutgers is accomplished through the Controller's Office according to a fixed schedule. In addition to the faculty appointment recommendation form, a completed Princeton-Rutgers Exchange Form containing the signatures of the respective departmental chairs and the Deans at Princeton and Rutgers is required. No appointment that would appropriately fall under this exchange program should be made in other ways.