Accommodations and/or Support for Individuals with Disabilities or Otherwise at a High Risk for Serious Illness Relating to COVID-19

Effective August 1, 2020

Policy Description

Princeton University seeks to address the needs of individuals with disabilities, as defined under applicable law, or who are otherwise at a high risk for serious illness relating to COVID-19, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a responsible and timely manner, consistent with applicable public health guidance, legal requirements, and operational needs.

When making decisions, the University considers, among other things, the employees’ particular circumstances, their job duties and responsibilities, and the University’s 24/7 residential, educational, workplace, and community setting, in addition to public health and operational measures implemented to reduce the risk of COVID-19 effectively.

Policy Application

The University takes seriously accommodating and supporting individuals with disabilities or who are otherwise at high risk for serious illness relating to COVID-19, and engages in good-faith efforts to explore a range of workplace accommodations, adjustments, and other measures, whether long-term or temporary, including:

  • Workplace or job accommodations or adjustments
  • Protective equipment or measures
  • Paid time away for research, professional specialist and librarian ranks, with COVID-19 days, vacation, personal, bundled, and/or other accrued time
  • Eligibility for short term disability benefits
  • Unpaid time away under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Requesting Accommodations or Other Measures

Individuals may submit requests for accommodations or other measures to their department manager or supervisor.

  1. Employees complete the application (Request for Accommodation), as appropriate; the application goes directly to Occupational Health Services (OHS) at [email protected].
  2. Give your healthcare provider either a printed copy of the "Request for Medical Information from Healthcare Provider" form or a link to it. You must sign the form before your provider sends it to OHS.

Both the employee and healthcare provider forms must be received and reviewed by Occupational Health Services in order to begin the interactive process. When these steps are completed, the University engages in an interactive process to assess accommodations, adjustments, and other measures.

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