Departing Faculty - Individual Faculty Research and Startup Accounts

Effective date

Individual Faculty Research and Start up accounts are investments by Princeton University in the research and professional careers of its faculty. A faculty member who chooses to leave Princeton University to accept employment elsewhere will, upon accepting the new position, no longer be authorized to use a startup account to purchase equipment or to charge summer salary. Remaining startup funds may, however, be used to support ongoing work, including personnel (postdocs, research assistants, graduate and undergraduate students) and supplies necessary to the research that will be carried out at Princeton University, especially already committed research expenses.

Similarly, a departing faculty member with an annual research account may use that account to support certain ongoing or already committed research expenses, but may not use the remaining funds in the research account for purchase of equipment such as computers or payment of summer salary.

In all cases, the allowed research expenditure must be an expenditure in which Princeton University is the primary beneficiary.

 For a list of allowable and prohibited research-related expenses, see the Office of Finance and Treasury’s business expense policy.