Remote Work Policy for Researchers, Specialists, and Librarians

Effective date

Residential, in-person teaching and research distinguish academic life at Princeton University. As such, all professional researcher and professional specialist positions require on-campus presence and in-person interactions.

In rare cases, a request for full-time non-teaching remote work for a limited period of time may be considered under exceptional circumstances, such as location-based research or assignment need. These requests require a thorough explanation of those unique circumstances. 

Individuals seeking a full-time non-teaching remote work arrangement must request approval from their department chair/director, who must then seek approval from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. These requests will be evaluated carefully and approved only on a case-by-case basis and under extenuating circumstances. Those seeking to work outside the United States must additionally adhere to the University's global remote work policies. Until all such requisite approvals have been granted, the individual is not permitted to start working for, or earn wages from, Princeton.