Safety and Occupational Health

University safety policy is the responsibility of the Committee on Safety and Occupational Health, appointed by the president. The University undertakes to provide a safe and healthful working environment for all its employees. Further, the University complies with all governmental regulatory safety requirements and with accepted safety and health standards.

Faculty members are, as are other employees, responsible for observing the health and safety policies in the area where they are working and are subject to disciplinary action in cases of non-compliance. Faculty members are also, in conjunction with the Office of Occupational Health and Safety, responsible for the development and maintenance of appropriate health and safety regulations in their areas of principal responsibility. The procedure for reporting occupational injuries, unless the injury is unquestionably trivial, is as follows:

  1. The injured person should immediately seek medical assistance at McCosh Infirmary or, if the injury is sufficiently serious, directly from the emergency facility at the Princeton Medical Center.
  2. The injury should be reported to the project leader or department head.
  3. The injured person should complete and sign a University "Report of Occupational Injury or Illness" and forward the original to the Office of Occupational Health and Safety via the project leader or department head and/or others who may be designated by the department. The report must be in the Occupational Health and Safety Office within 72 hours of the injury.

The same procedures should be followed in the event an individual is suffering from an illness or disease which may be related to his/her work at the University.