2025 Distinguished Faculty Service Award nominations now open

Written by
Office of the Dean of the Faculty
June 3, 2024

Each year, faculty members volunteer their time to serve on the University’s faculty committees, which maintain operations critical to University governance and the stewardship of Princeton’s academic programs.

Recognizing that faculty contribute significantly to Princeton’s academic mission through service, in addition to research and teaching, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty has established an annual reception and award to recognize the contributions of faculty members’ time and effort to University committees.

Nominations are now open for the inaugural Distinguished Faculty Service Award. The award will be given annually to faculty who have made exceptional contributions in service to Princeton on University-wide committees or projects. All faculty who qualify for service on a faculty committee are eligible to be nominated.

Winners will receive a $5,000 monetary award and will be honored at a dinner in early February; they must be available to attend the dinner to be eligible.

Nominations should include a statement setting forth the reasons for the recommendation, the candidate’s CV, and other supporting evidence, such as letters from faculty colleagues or administrators. All nominations will be reviewed by a University-wide committee consisting of the dean of the faculty, the dean of the graduate school, the dean of the college, the vice dean for diversity and inclusion and the clerk of the faculty.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, Sept. 30, 2024. Please submit nomination materials by clicking the button below.

For more information, please contact Julia Gilbert, assistant to the clerk of the faculty.