Jordan Tegtmeyer

Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
Office Phone
103 Stanhope Hall

Jordan Tegtmeyer, associate dean for finance and administration, is responsible for the financial and administrative management of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. He manages budgets and processes for a wide range of faculty-related areas, including gift and endowed funds, develops and implements policy, and, working with other University offices, establishes new procedures. Before joining the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Jordan was the director of finance and administration at the Center for Career Development, where he was responsible for all of the center’s financial and administrative matters. Prior to that, Jordan worked for three years in the Office of Finance and Treasury, working on various aspects of the PRIME implementation. Jordan has a Bachelor of Science from Shippensburg University, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Illinois, and a Master of Education and a Doctor of Education from University of Pennsylvania.

When not on campus, Jordan enjoys spending time with his family, watching his hometown Chicago sports teams and keeping up on Title IX research.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Administration
  • HR
  • Facilities
  • IT