Julia Buelow Gilbert

Assistant to the Clerk of the Faculty
Public Lectures Administrator
Office Phone
201 Stanhope Hall

Julia Gilbert is Assistant to the Clerk of the Faculty and Administrator for the Public Lectures Committee. As Assistant to the Clerk of the Faculty, she is responsible for supporting the work of the Clerk of the Faculty, along with committee memberships, faculty meetings and elections. As Administrator for Public Lectures, she oversees the Public Lectures and supports the work of the Public Lectures committee. She launched and markets Princeton Talks; short recorded talks featuring Princeton faculty across all disciplines. Additionally, she supports the Dean of the Faculty’s office by managing special projects, including but not limited to event planning for the Howard T. Behrman Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities.

Before joining the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Julia worked in the Department of Near Eastern Studies. Prior to Princeton, she worked for Pottery Barn in their Creative Services department. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Design from the University of Minnesota.

Outside of work she enjoys traveling with her twin boys, playing tennis and trail riding with friends.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Assistant to the Clerk of the Faculty
  • Behrman Award
  • Faculty Meetings - Correspondence & Meeting Minutes
  • Faculty Committees
  • Faculty Elections
  • Public Lectures