Kiril Glavev

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Divisions III & IV
Office Phone
006 Stanhope Hall

As assistant dean for academic affairs, Kiril Glavev coordinates the recruitment, appointment, and reappointment of professional researchers, professional specialists, lecturers, and visiting academic professionals in the natural sciences and engineering and sets and manages the faculty teaching budgets and assistant-in-instruction budgets for these departments. He also oversees the faculty sabbatical leave process and collaborates with the associate dean for academic affairs on managing the promotion processes for the professional researcher and lecturer ranks in the natural sciences and engineering, as well as for professional librarians.  

Before joining the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Kiril worked at The New School, most recently as associate director for faculty affairs. He received his Master of Arts in applied economics at Johns Hopkins University and his doctorate in sociology at The New School, specializing in culture and identity.

Areas of Responsibility

  • C7 - Committee on Appointments and Advancements for Professional Researchers and Specialists
  • AHIRE Ad Approval - Lecturers and Visiting Faculty
  • Appointments – Associate Research Scholars
  • Appointments - Lecturers
  • Appointments - Visiting Researchers
  • Leaves - Faculty
  • Teaching Budget (FTEs)