Policies and Guideline Library

Policy Name Last Updated
Access to Accounts and Information 08/07/18
Accommodations and/or Support for Individuals with Disabilities or Otherwise at a High Risk for Serious Illness Relating to COVID-19 08/13/20
Background Checks 12/16/19
Business Expenses 05/06/20
Childbirth and Parenting Leaves 06/24/21
Classified Research 10/12/16
Compensation and Duty Assignment 10/26/16
Computing and Email Access upon Retirement or Termination 07/23/21
Confidentiality of Student Records 10/27/16
Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Research 10/28/16
Conflict of Interest Reporting 10/12/18
Copyright 09/10/21
Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct 10/28/19
Duty Assignment in Sponsored Research Programs/Projects 12/16/20
Employer Obligation to Maintain and Report Records 10/18/16
Equal Opportunity 10/14/16
Expenditure Reimbursement While on Leave 07/25/20
Grievance Procedures 01/21/21
Guidance for Faculty and Staff on Political and Public Advocacy Activities 07/22/20
Institutional Payments 11/14/19
Intellectual Property 06/28/21
Internal Research Grants 10/28/16
Learned Society Travel Fund 10/22/19
Leaves for Scholarship 01/21/21
Moving/Relocation (Domestic and International) 10/04/21
Nepotism and the Hiring Process 10/27/16
Non-Discrimination Statement 08/05/20
Office Space and Administrative Assistance 10/28/16
Open Access 10/25/18
Outside Professional Activities 03/07/19
Patents 08/08/19
Paying for Housing 10/29/19
Policy Adjustments Related to COVID-19 04/21/20
Project Leaders 12/05/16
Reporting Illegal Activity 10/27/16
Research Misconduct 10/28/16
Retirement Eligibility and Emeritus Status 10/22/20
Safety and Occupational Health 10/28/16
Security Clearances 10/28/16
Sponsored Research 10/28/16
Summer Employment 09/25/17
Suspension or Dismissal 01/21/21
Teaching Duty Absence 10/27/16
Tenure Clock Extension for New Parents 03/07/19
Tutoring 10/28/16
University Identification 10/28/16
Visas and Immigration 10/28/16
Workload Relief for New Parents 06/24/21