Sabbatical Leaves for Senior Lecturers


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The initiative to provide senior lecturers with the opportunity of taking a leave for scholarship was funded by the Priorities Committee in 2001 and allows the granting, on a University-wide basis, of one-semester merit-based sabbatical leaves for senior lecturers.

The position of senior lecturer was created over a decade ago, and currently the University has approximately 28 senior lecturers. These long-term members of the faculty provide critical expertise in the administration and teaching of large introductory courses in foreign languages, economics, and molecular biology, as well as in the creative and performing arts. These faculty members are expected to conduct research and other pedagogical activities that ensure that their expertise and skills develop and remain at the top of their field. Until this initiative was funded, these faculty members were not eligible for any of the scholarly leaves that are available to tenure-track faculty.

Because of the small number of senior lecturers who teach in a variety of departments across the University, the Dean administers the program of senior lecturer leaves centrally. There are one to two leaves available each year for this purpose, so the application for these leaves is a competitive process. 


Candidates for the leave must have held the rank of senior lecturer for at least six years and must be appointed to a five-year term.  Senior lecturers are eligible to apply for one leave per five-year term.  If you have any questions about an individual’s eligibility, please contact Tamara Thatcher.

Application Process:

The candidate should supply the chair with the following supporting material:

  1. A current CV.
  2. A brief (no more than two-page) statement describing the faculty member’s proposed activities during the leave period.  Strong preference will be given to plans that show promise of significant contributions to the faculty member’s professional development as a senior lecturer.

If the chair agrees that the leave is merited and is able to make arrangements to cover the senior lecturer's activities, s/he should write a supporting letter and forward the information to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.  Departments will be supplied with an additional 0.50 FTE at the experienced-lecturer level to replace the senior lecturer in the term s/he is away.  If the request is approved, we will ask you to then submit the online Dean of Faculty leave request.  Applications should be received by the office of the Dean of the Faculty by December 1st, to be considered for the following academic year.

For Academic Professionals
Professional Researchers (including visitors and PostDocs), Professional Specialists and Librarians

Sabbatical Leaves for Senior Lecturers for Academic Professionals

Policy is only applicable to Senior Lecturers.