1. Office Space

Faculty members are expected to relinquish their office and laboratory space upon their retirement date. Arrangements for office space following retirement vary tremendously by department. The University has a very limited stock of space outside of the respective departments to accommodate retired faculty needs. Retiring faculty members should discuss the need for office space with their department chair (and Dean of the Faculty) as soon as they have made their retirement decision.

2. Unexpended Research Funds

Unexpended research funds may be eligible to be rolled forward for use after your retirement. Please consult with your department chair and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.

3. Appointment to the Research Staff as Senior Scholar

Emeritus Princeton faculty members may be appointed as Senior Scholar if they serve as principal investigators on sponsored research projects and/or maintain active research programs at the University. Senior (by discipline) normally have no specific responsibilities in teaching or research but are encouraged to participate in department, center and/or institute programs and to interact with faculty members, researchers, and students in informal settings. They ordinarily do not receive salaries from the University. However, on those occasions when a Senior (by discipline) is asked to provide a specific service to the University arrangements must be made in advance, through the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, to compensate him/her appropriately. Such compensation will normally be provided through a research project grant (when the service involves participation in a sponsored research project). Senior (by discipline) are not eligible for stipend payments from the University. Appointments/reappointments to the rank of Senior (by discipline) are normally for renewable one year terms. The appointments of emeritus Princeton University faculty may be renewed annually by the Dean of the Faculty on the recommendation of the sponsoring department. When initially appointed, the 12 month FTE salary will be the 12 month equivalent of the faculty member's final academic year salary plus 2.5 summer 9ths of salary, corresponding to 1.278 times the academic year salary. Annual salary increases will be awarded through the regular merit process.

4. Appointment to the Faculty as Professor Emeritus (Teaching)

Retired Princeton faculty members may be appointed to teach on a part-time course-by-course basis, upon recommendation by the Chair. Post-retirement teaching duties normally amount to at most a single course during any academic year. Post-retirement teaching is limited to an overall cumulative total of three courses during retirement. These teaching appointments carry the additional title of Professor Emeritus (Teaching), and are paid at the Visiting Professor rate.