President's Award for Distinguished Teaching (PADT)

The PADT awards honor a sustained record of distinguished teaching over the course of  a career at Princeton, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Normally two senior and two junior awards are given annually. 

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Award entries: 
1991A. MamanRomance Languages and Literatures 
1991T. StixAstrophysical Sciences 
1991S. MackeyMusic 
1991P. MeyersPhysics 
1992F. BienMathematics 
1992W. BoniniGeological and Geophysical Sciences 
1992C. EmersonSlavic Languages and Literatures
1992J. NunokawaEnglish
1993M. CaddenTheater and Dance
1993R. ComerPsychology
1993M. JimenezHistory
1993T. SilhavyMolecular Biology
1994M. DiBattistaEnglish
1994S. KotkinHistory
1994A. LemonickPhysics
1994D. PrenticePsychology
1995B. BrowningEnglish
1995G. DeodatisCivil Engineering and Operations Research
1995K. LevyMusic
1995S. KelleyPolitics
1996D. BillingtonCivil Engineering and Operations Research
1996J. RankinGermanic Languages and Literatures
1996S. TilghmanMolecular Biology
1996D. WilkinsonPhysics
1997M. CentenoSociology
1997E. GowinHumanities and Visual Arts
1997G. RosenPhilosophy
1997L. RosenAnthropology
1998A. CreagerHistory
1998J. G. Gager, Jr.Religion
1998J. R. GottAstrophysical Sciences
1998N-Y. Y. TangEast Asian Studies
1999D. H. BernsteinCivil Engineering and Operations Research
1999 V. H. BrombertRomance Languages and Literatures
1999J. A. McPheeHumanities
1999D. I. RubensteinEcology and Evolutionary Biology
2000O. Μ ArnoldEnglish
2000P. R. BrownHistory
2000A. GutmannPolitics and University Center for Human Values
2000H. F. TaylorSociology
2001L. W. EnquistMolecular Biology
2001D. J. FussEnglish
2001A. C. IsenbergHistory
2001E. Μ. SteinMathematics
2002L. F. BatnitzkyReligion
2002P. C. BunnellArt and Archaeology
2002W. C. JordanHistory
2002T. K. VanderlickChemical Engineering
2003R. C. GunningMathematics
2003J. T. KatzClassics
2003H. S. RosenEconomics
2003E. C. ShowalterEnglish
2004J. I. AdelmanHistory
2004J. V. FlemingEnglish and Comparative Literature
2004A. GammieMolecular Biology
2004J. C. SturmElectrical Engineering
2005J. G. BiehlAnthropology
2005R. J. CavaChemistry and Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials
2005B. ColominaArchitecture
2005M. G. WoodEnglish
2006W. BialekPhysics
2006J. CooperPsychology
2006W. A. GleasonEnglish
2006S. SundaresanChemical Engineering
2007E. S. GregoryReligion
2007S. R. KulkarniElectrical Engineering
2007K. A. NormanPsychology
2007A. J. SmitsMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
2008B. L. BasslerMolecular Biology
2008P. G. DebenedettiChemical Engineering
2008R. M. GriffithReligion
2008J. N. SheltonPsychology
2009M. DuneierSociology
2009E. S. GlaudeReligion and African American Studies
2009S. MalikElectrical Engineering
2009V. A. SmithEnglish and African American Studies
2010E. CinlarOperations Research and Financial Engineering
2010A. Diaz-QuinonesSpanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
2010P. Adams SitneyLewis Center for the Arts and Visual Arts
2010J. L. StoutReligion
2011A.C. CaseSchool of Public and International Affairs and Economics
2011H.A. HartogHistory
2011A. NehamasPhilosophy and Comparative Literature
2011D.M. OppenheimerPsychology and School of Public and International Affairs
2012M.E. GarlockCivil and Environmental Engineering
2012C. GreenhouseAnthropology
2012D.T. RodgersHistory
2012J. SchwartzChemistry
2013Y. BarazClassics
2013A.A. HouckElectrical Engineering
2013D.E. NordEnglish
2013D.N. SpergelAstrophysical Sciences
2014S.E. GikandiEnglish
2014C.F. GmachlElectrical Engineering
2014A.T. GraftonHistory
2014R.N. SandbergEnglish and Lewis Center for the Arts and Theater
2015F.M HughsonMolecular Biology
2015B.C. MorisonPhilosophy
2015P.R. PrucnalElectrical Engineering
2015E.H. SchorEnglish
2016M. CookNear Eastern Studies
2016R. GeorgePolitics
2016B. KernighanComputer Science
2016C. NelsonChemical and Biological Engineering
2017R. BenjaminAfrican American Studies
2017R. KasterClassics
2017H. StoneMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
2017S. WolfLewis Center for the Arts and Theater
2018E. CadavaEnglish
2018C. Lew-WilliamsPsychology
2018M. SemmelhackChemistry
2018J. StoneReligion
2019B. DohertyGerman and Art and Archaeology
2019M. LisantiPhysics
2019M. PrattMusic
2019N. WingreenMolecular Biology