1. General Observations

a.    Any committee of the Faculty may ask the President to arrange for a conference with any appropriate committee of the Board of Trustees. Upon presentation of substantive evidence not previously considered, any Faculty committee may be requested to review a prior action.

b.    It shall be the duty of each chair of a committee to advise new committee members of the responsibilities and procedures of the committee. All standing committees of the Faculty normally shall report annually or more often to the Faculty, giving an account of their activities, together with any proposals they may have with regard to the matters within their charge or with regard to their own responsibilities.

c.    Whenever the Undergraduate Student Government shall establish a committee parallel to a Faculty committee, the parallel committees shall at least once a year meet in joint session. In addition, the chair and one additional member of such committees of the Undergraduate Student Government shall meet with those Faculty committees which the President of the University and the officers of the Undergraduate Student Government believe would benefit from such participation. The student representatives on Faculty committees shall join freely in committee discussions of matters of concern to students, and shall be responsible for presenting the views of the student committee and the Undergraduate Student Government, when those views are known. Any student participating in the deliberations of a Faculty committee is bound by the same rules as the Faculty regarding the confidential nature of the proceedings. Within the bounds of this restriction, he or she may discuss the matters under consideration with the Undergraduate Student Government or with other students. Either committee may meet without the participation of members of the parallel committee. Before any final recommendation is made on any matter of general policy concerning students, there shall be an opportunity for the student committee to meet jointly with the Faculty committee involved. Views of the student committees may be brought to the attention of the full Faculty and the University community.

d.    A student desiring to appeal an action of a Faculty committee taken on academic grounds which affects directly his or her academic standing and for which appeal is not otherwise provided, should notify the Dean of the Faculty in writing to that effect, specifying the grounds of appeal. Notification must be made no later than seven days after receipt of the written notice of the decision which the student wishes to appeal. The Dean of the Faculty shall transmit the student's written statement and any other relevant material directly to the Advisory Committee on Policy. 

       In deciding appeals, the Advisory Committee on Policy shall consider whether other committees have followed established procedures and reached decisions consistent with University rules and practices. In all cases the decision of the Advisory Committee on Policy shall be final. If an appealed action is judged to have been arbitrary or based on improper or unfair procedures, the appeal will be sustained. In such a case the Advisory Committee on Policy shall determine a course of action to insure an impartial final determination of the merits of the case based on proper and fair procedures.