d. Faculty Advisory Committee on Diversity

       The Faculty Advisory Committee on Diversity consists of eight voting members of the Faculty elected by the Faculty. Each of the four divisions of the University shall be represented by two members, at least one of whom will be tenured. Two to three members are elected each year for terms of three years (except that the President may appoint members to serve shorter terms as needed in the initial years of the Committee’s operation or to fill vacancies when Committee members are on leave). The President is chair of this Committee, the Provost is ex officio a member and may chair in the President’s absence, and the Dean of the Faculty is ex officio secretary. The Dean of the College and the Dean of the Graduate School sit with the committee.

       The Committee will advise the President, the Provost, and the Dean of the Faculty with regard to diversity and inclusion issues, including specifically with regard to faculty hiring, policies, curriculum, and campus climate.

       The administration will share with the Committee data, including anonymized and aggregated personnel data, to enable it to carry out this advisory role and monitor progress toward the University’s goals. The Committee will meet at least once a year with the Academic Affairs Committee or other relevant committee of the Board of Trustees.