i. Committee on Examinations and Standing

       The Committee on Examinations and Standing consists of seven tenured or tenure-track members of the Faculty or full-time members of the Lecturer Ranks, at least one from each Division, and at least one from among the non-tenured members of the Faculty. The Dean of the College is chair, the Vice President for Campus Life, the Registrar, and the Dean of Admission are members ex officio, and a senior associate dean of the College is secretary ex officio.

       The Committee is entrusted with the administration of all regulations which concern the program of study and the scholastic standing of undergraduate students. It may present to the Committee on the Course of Study proposals for changes in these regulations.

       In conformity with these regulations, the Committee determines whether or not a student has met the qualifications for admission to particular programs of study, for promotion to a higher class, and for graduation. It is authorized by the Faculty to recommend directly to the Board of Trustees, through the Dean of the College, candidates for the bachelor’s degrees.

       Acting for the Faculty, it determines whether students who are academically deficient will be required to withdraw from the University, and whether students who have withdrawn because of academic deficiency will be reinstated. The Committee is also responsible for the formulation and administration of policies with regard to student records.

       The Committee nominates to the Faculty, during the spring term each year, a candidate for the post of Latin Salutatorian and a candidate for the post of Valedictorian, under the rules set forth in the Undergraduate Announcement with respect to the selection of Commencement speakers.

       The Committee is also charged with reviewing the grading history for each department and program to ensure consistency with University policy regarding assessment and grading standards. Each fall, the Committee reports to the Faculty on the grading record of the previous academic year.

       Petitions for exceptions to academic policy, as well as grade appeals, may be adjudicated by the full Committee or by the senior associate dean acting for the Committee.

       The Academics Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government is invited to meet with the Committee once during the fall semester to present any questions or concerns about academic regulations.