k. Committee on the Library and Computing

       The Committee on the Library and Computing consists of ten elected Faculty members, with at least two from each division of the University; two members appointed by the President, one of whom may be a member of the Professional Research Staff; the Provost, University Librarian, Dean of the Faculty, Dean of the Graduate School, Dean of the College, and Vice President for Information Technology, ex officio. The Provost serves as chair. Appointment and elected members shall serve for three-year terms, but no such member may serve more than two consecutive terms. Each year sufficient appointments shall be made to assure that the membership requirements listed above are met.

       The Committee advises the President on the operation and development of the Library, particularly in relation to educational policy, and on all matters involving University computing and related information services. The Committee works closely with the University Librarian and the Vice President for Information Technology on planning and resource allocation for both educational and research purposes, and reviews policies governing the use of library and computing facilities. The Committee shall normally consult widely with departmental representatives whenever significant changes in library or computing services or policies are being considered.

       The chair of the Committee presents a report to the Faculty at least once a year on all such matters as in the judgment of the Committee may seem to require a Faculty action or regarding which the Faculty should be informed.