o. Committee on Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid

       The Committee on Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid consists of six tenured or tenure-track members of the Faculty or full-time members of the Lecturer Ranks including at least one from each of the four divisions of the University and at least two who are non-tenured. Two members are elected each year to terms of three years. The Dean of the College is chair; the Dean of Admission, the Director of the Undergraduate Financial Aid, and the Director of the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Inclusion are ex officio members. The Vice President for Finance and Treasurer and the Vice President for Campus Life sit with the Committee.

       The Committee advises the President, the Provost, the Dean of the College, the Dean of Admission, and the Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid on policies and procedures governing admission and financial aid.

       The Committee is advised by the Committee on the Course of Study about basic academic requirements for undergraduate admission. It may in turn present to the Committee on the Course of Study proposals for changes in these basic requirements, and it may concern itself with additional criteria necessary for the final selection of candidates for admission.

       On the recommendation of the Dean of Admission and the Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid, the Committee reviews annual aggregate admission decisions and financial aid budgets and evaluates on-going policy presumptions. The Committee makes an annual report to the University Priorities Committee on the financial aid budget; on financial aid policies and procedures; and on admission statistics.

       The Dean of the College will report to the Faculty annually – typically at the first Faculty meeting of each academic year - on matters under the Committee’s jurisdiction. This annual report will include analysis of both the academic character and co-curricular experiences of candidates admitted to the University, those rejected, and those who decline admission. The report will also provide a general overview of financial aid, with an appropriate analysis of funding wherever possible.