C. Academic Councils

1.    Academic Councils are standing faculty committees charged with fostering teaching and research across academic units and divisions. Some Councils are advisory to administrative offices; those are described in Chapter II.D.2.

2.    The Council of the Humanities supports significant teaching and research in the humanities. It consists of the chair of each department in Division I, plus the history department, the directors of programs and chairs of committees under Council aegis, the Dean of the School of Architecture, the Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and one representative from each of Division II (Social Sciences) and Division III (Natural Sciences).

3.    The Council on Science and Technology fosters the teaching of science and technology courses for non-science students. It consists of eight voting members of the Faculty, six from Divisions III (Natural Sciences) and IV (Engineering) and one each from Divisions I (Humanities) and II (Social Sciences). The members are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty. The chair is named by the President from among the members of the Council.