3. Academic Status and Privileges

Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 15 June 1959

Without limiting or abrogating any of the powers, duties, and privileges granted by the Charter to the Board of Trustees, and without restricting the powers delegated to the President regarding academic appointments, but recognizing the desire of the Faculty that the Committee on Conference and Faculty Appeal should extend its role to conduct hearings not only on cases of dismissal and suspension (as provided for by the Minutes of the Board of Trustees of 15 June 1918, and 19 April 1951) but also on cases of possible unfair treatment in relation to the appointment, reappointment, or academic duties or privileges of academic personnel, the Board of Trustees declares its approval of the charge and procedures in respect to these matters which were voted for the Committee on Conference and Faculty Appeal by the Faculty in its meeting of 4 May 1959.

The Board of Trustees further declares that, when requested by the Committee on Conference and Faculty Appeal and so determined by the Board, a subcommittee of the Board shall meet with the Committee on questions of possible unfair practice relative to academic status and privileges to discuss the Committee's opinion, shall give the aggrieved person an opportunity to appear and be heard at such a meeting, and shall report its opinion to the Board.