A. Appointment and Advancement of Professors

1.    All proposals for appointment or advancement in salary of Professors shall be made in writing by the Chair of the department concerned and sent to the Dean of the Faculty for transmission to the President. Appointment of Professors shall normally be made only after formal consultation (a formal vote taken at a meeting) with the Professors and the tenured Associate Professors having full or joint appointments in the department. Proposals for advancement in salary of Professors shall be made by the Chair of the department. In cases of joint appointment, action is taken in each of the departments involved.

       These proposals shall be presented by the President to the Faculty Advisory Committee on Appointments and Advancements. After consultation with this Committee, the President recommends to the Board of Trustees such action as he or she may deem proper.

2.    Professors are appointed without express limitation as to term (i.e., having continuing tenure). Proved abilities as an outstanding scholar and teacher with the capacity to make important contributions to the department shall be essential qualifications for appointment as professor; qualifications for making other contributions to the welfare of the University shall also be taken into account.

3.    In recommending a Professor for advancement in salary, the quality of scholarship and teaching shall be primary considerations and service to the University community an important consideration.